Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obscure Peter Cushing film soon on DVD!

A while back, Universal's Hammer Films entry in the "Franchise Collection" DVD multipack series brought me "Captain Clegg," a Peter Cushing film I'd resigned myself to never have the chance to see.

This year, on April 6, Sony is releasing the Hammer Films entry in the "Icons of Suspense" series. It contains six rarely seen Hammer thrillers, one of which I've never heard of before now... and "Cash on Demand," another Peter Cushing film I'd thought I'd never get to see!

"Cash on Demand" stars Peter Cushing as a bank manager who must cooperate with robbers in order to save his kidnapped wife and chid. Dating from 1961, it is a film I've been wanting to see for years. (And one that sounds just like "Firewall" and several other thrillers from the past decade.)

I've pre-orderd my copy of the set already... DVD review backlog be damned!

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